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October 7, 2011

Kramer&Kramer Software announces the release of iPlayingCards Version 2.2 -

Game Center(tm) enabled - available now at the Apple Computer App Store(tm)

A 'virtual' deck of cards for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  Use this

App to play card games with other people - just like a 'real' deck.  Play

cards on one or multiple devices (using Bluetooth or Game Center - Bluetooth

even works on airplanes, Game Center connects you to anyone anywhere). Cards

move with the touch of a finger. When playing with a shared device use four

hidden hands - a hand become visible only when the device is tilted on its

side facing that direction. When playing with multiple devices, each device

can display a different hand. Many features - shuffling, dealing, cutting,

flipping, sorting, etc.. Eight classic decks for playing international games

such as Poker, Sixty-six, Piquet, Belote, Jass, Durak, Scopa, Mus, Pinochle,

Bezique or Canasta. Fast set-up of 19 different standard games. 


App Store(tm) and Game Center(tm) are registered trademarks of Apple

Computer, Inc.


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